Trickle Down Hate: Modern Day Antisemitism

Four days ago, on Saturday the 4th of February, an 800-man Jewish congregation had come toe to toe with a Nazism-styled desecration of the Chicago Loop Synagogue. Stuart Wright, the man convicted and charged with this hate crime felony has been held on $150,000 bail; Wright had stuck two swastika stickers on the main door before smashing a window with a U-shaped bicycle lock. The day after, the Chicago Loop Synagogue released the video with the intent to award $3000 to anyone with information regarding Wright’s identity.

Investigators were tipped by a local individual who informed the authorities of Wright’s “skinhead” reputation and outright supremacist behavior. The anonymous individual provided more than substantial information that included Wright’s plate number, swastikas flaunted around his house and, naturally, the tattooed swastika on his back.

In the case of Stuart Wright, an individual convicted of a hate crime with abundantly clear evidence in both forensic and visual matters, proves to be quite peculiar given more detail. fuckface

Wright does not only hold a Master’s degree in accounting but is also a certified public accountant. The absurdity of being an “intelligent” person given the aforementioned academic track record along with being a felon, let alone supremacist, leaves one dumbfounded. The counter intuitive case of Stuart Wright may be a motive for psychologists or sociologists to study the relationship between organized hate and intelligence. However, the case of the Chicago Loop Synagogue proves to be more intrigue-inducing than the insignificant skinhead activities of hate.

One day ago, on Wednesday the 8th of February, the Jewish United Fund led a multi-faith gathering of communal unity. Over a thousand people of all three Abrahamic faiths had attended in respect to the Jewish community of Chicago, in defiance to hate.

     “All Americans aspire to live in a society that is free from discrimination, from fear. When anyone thinks it is open season on those values, for whatever reason, then we all stand to lose.” – Aaron Cohen, Vice President of Communications, Jewish United Fund.



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