Football, Banter and Pies: Sutton Town’s ‘Roly Poly Goalie’ and failed publicity

On Monday the 20th of February, the Football Association Cup, an English soccer tournament, may have experienced one of the most historically embarrassing moments and definitely has experienced one of the most controversial.

During the match up of Sutton United and Arsenal, before Arsenal’s victory of 2-0, Sutton’s reserve goalkeeper began to devour a pie on the bench. Wayne Shaw, the 45 year old 6’+ heavyweight, is currently being investigated by the Gambling Commission and the FA as he and betting entities may have violated FA rules on betting.


An eight-to-one profit has been disclosed to be the ratio in which Shaw and the betting entity/entities have agreed on; Shaw admitted that he had agreed to eat a pie during the match with Arsenal. After raising suspicion and creating enough of a problem, after the Gambling Commission declaring an investigation into his unusual pie-eating antic, Shaw filed his resignation with Sutton United. The goalkeeper dubbed the Roly Poly Goalie expressed sadness and regret to Sutton’s manager Paul Doswell.

The FA Cup’s rules and guidelines regarding betting is extremely strict about the prohibition of gambling in English football.

If English football fans had received any banter material in the last week, Shaw’s peculiar pie-eating episode may very well be just the beginning. On the 23rd of February, Leicester City’s manager, Claudio Ranieri, was fired from his recently legendary position; the highly decorated manager took Leicester on one of the greatest underdog stories in sports history last year as they won the English Premier League.

In regards to the absurdity of this week’s happenings in English football, Piers Morgan had strong reactions to which he tweeted: 

“Wayne Shaw sacked for eating pie. Claudio Ranieri sacked for winning the Premier League. This is the week football ate itself.”









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