French Physicist Set To Lose Tenure Over Plagiarism

Etienne Klein, a French physicist who works for the Institute for Advanced Studies for Science and Technology (IHEST), is due to having his tenure revoked and himself removed from office due to allegations of partaking in excessive plagiarism this past December.

Despite having the signatures of Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem and State Secretary Thierry Mandon on the legislative decision to remove Klein of his tenure, Klein has expressed great opposition to that decision. A decision that now awaits the signature of French President Francoise Hollande who had appointed Klein as head of IHEST in September 2016.


In an unpublished report, Klein is said to have emailed ScienceInsider in response to the allegations with: “my scientific integrity is absolute.”.

Such allegations include plagiarizing the works of colleagues, philosophers and other scientists. A French science-based news agency, Sciences Et Avenir, reported last November on the happening; the agency had put aside excerpts of Klein in relation to excerpts of others to reveal the, possibly implicating, similarities.



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