Son of Venezuela’s Ombudsman Pleads to Father: “Put an End to This Injustice”

At this moment you have the power to put an end to this injustice that has sunk this country. I ask you as a son, and in Venezuela’s name which you serve, to reflect and do what you are supposed to do.” – Yibram Saab

Caracas, Venezuela- Yibram Saab, son of Venezuelan ombudsman Tarek Williams Saab, released a video  urging his father to end the violent protests after the killing of a 20-year-old protester with tear gas. 

Ombudsman Tarek Saab , Defensor de Publico, was urged by his eldest son, Yibram,  to “do the right thing” by ending the violent clashes between riot-control police and protesters. Yibram had also explained that his duty to Venezuela’s well-being had been taught to him by his father, a long time member of the United Socialist Party.

Yibram called upon his father to serve Venezuela and clear way for protesters. Yibram also insisted on condemning the killing of the 20-year-old university student, Juan-Pablo Pernalete, who died during this weeks protests.

The son of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, Nicolas Maduro Guerra, took to Twitter  in reply to Yibram Saab’s video post. The younger Maduro made an attempt to jog Yibram’s memory of their shared childhood into rethinking his position and current political stance.


(Left; Yibram Saab. Right; Ombudsman Tarek Saab.)

The video and Yibram, ultimately argue for the protests and is an attempt to convince Ombudsman Saab to receive the opposition openly to discuss the recent, yet over-turned, decision for the Supreme Court to dissolve the National Assembly. 



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