Emir Of Kuwait To Visit Qatar Tuesday, Attempt To Ease GCC Tensions

Kuwait City, Kuwait.- The Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, has reportedly scheduled a flight to Qatar on Tuesday June 6 2017, after having had a phone call hours before with Qatar’s Sheikh Tamim bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al-Thani.

The visit will be aimed to discuss the sudden and troubling happenings of Monday morning June 5 2017. After which the Emir of Kuwait will visit Saudia Arabia in an effort to instill diplomacy and to restore friendly relations.


(GCC leaders with respective flags)

The Monday madness that took Middle Eastern social media with a storm revolved around Saudia Arabia’s decision, along with other countries in the GCC, to isolate Qatar.

The isolation initiative is said to be the result of recent and incriminating findings that Qatar is involved with financing terrorist Islamist factions and military groups. Additionally, the countries involved in isolating Qatar and cutting relations with the country, have also accused Qatar of allying itself with Iran, a country considered an arch-rival to many in the Middle East.

The decision involved an abrupt order to seclude Qatar from the region, which has had several and possibly crippling implications. The Qatari isolation order includes a 14 day limit for Qatari citizens return to their country from those who have declared opposition to Qatar whilst similarly, diplomats have 48 hours to do so. The isolation plan has also restricted air use by Qatari airlines, driving Qataris to fly to Kuwait and other close by countries to return to their home country.

A Washington Post article reports that 99% of Qatar’s food is imported which is believed to be a possible problem if the opposing countries do not enact leniency on flight-path permission.

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