Opinion| What is the Endgame of the Recent and Ongoing Middle-Eastern Brinkmanship?

If you possess any Arabic blood in the streams of your veins and arteries, any Arabic genetic material flowing around in your being, you would understand more than another in this world and time, unless you’re a Republican, what shame feels like. Granted to feel such a daunting emotion you would require at least a half-functioning conscience with a drop or two of intelligence; just enough for a minimal sense of self-reflective critical thought, unless, again, you’re a Republican.

If by lineage you are Arabic yet by birth you are Western, most likely, or Eastern, in the case of an odd migrant story, then I doubt you would entirely relate to the magnitude of what I wish to express unless you live or have lived in our beloved region. Nonetheless, it cannot seem to escape me or my thoughts, nor the news if you favor Reuters over the other news outlets, that Middle Eastern politics along with the nations which have participated in the recent shenanigans and still do, is a malfunctioning circus at best and an unsupervised day care center at worst.

A circus which employs berserking clowns who accuse one another over false pretenses for personal gain (or for the absolute hegemony in matters of economic and military power, hint hint to the dumb ass reader) or a mayhem filled day care where, with these never-growing toddlers, shit often literally hits the fan with the occasional extremism-induced suicide bombing.

It is difficult to employ, yet perhaps necessary for a dramatic effect, a Cicero-esque manner of criticism whilst maintaining the subtle seriousness of his oratory skills. I am no Cicero, as the Middle East, either partaking or will partake in both the recent political antics or future child’s play, is no Sulla. Also, I am no Cicero because I do not believe in pretend-respect mainly because there is no ‘proscription’ blade to my neck, as of yet, nor is there any need, in my mind and soul, not to oppose and reject political impracticality.

Nor with the previous disclaimer should any apologetic sentiments be perceived; I apologize for my mistakes only and not for those done by others. I am neither to be perceived by my kin as a Western conformist nor, by others, as an Arab Muslim apologist. In fact, I am not proud enough to need change and offer criticism yet also not penitential to the West as to request sympathy or give way to any invitations of whatever sick leftovers of the “White Man’s Burden” that this world still offers through Neo-liberalism (foreshadowing, again, for the dumb ass reader). I apologize to no one in the matter of my disappointment, and expressions of such, regarding Middle Eastern politics, not to those observing from the outside, not to those experiencing it from within.

Arrogance, a simpler word than hubris as it is thrown around more often, a more suitable descriptor than hubris as it highlights a deeper sentiment, is at the core of prolonged political power. (See Vietnam War, if skeptic).

A culture so unfaltering in its perseverance to be arrogant, having stood both the reforming tests of time and an Abrahamic faith, often sullying both to its liking, prevails still in modern day politics of the region. A culture that has disabled the region of any step towards modern day enlightenment continues to retract the region into deeper political stalemates than needed, as if the case of Israel and Palestine or Saudia Arabia and Iran was not enough. A culture so focused on the ‘glory of our fathers‘ rather than the ‘sins of our fathers‘, a culture that seems to focus more on collective separatism than collective unity.

The actions taken by Saudia Arabia & allies against Qatar, be it blockading or boycotting, blacklisting or blackballing, seem to have more accusatory animosity in decision than incriminating evidence. This brinkmanship, this political push to an edge, this deliberate action for a desired reaction, does nothing but destabilize the region furthermore. Perhaps an investigative council could have been formed, rather than establishing a pseudo-court of accusations where the judge, jury and prosecutor don’t really matter as long as the list of 13 demands were met by Qatar. (None of them were).

Who funds terrorism or who enables this vile cancer on humanity whether in ideology or actual martial power, is a serious and most appropriate question to ask in the region. For the stability of the region and for the peaceful self-sustaining longevity of the Middle East and its nations, answering that appropriate question before asking it by accusing neighbors, comes an aggressive in-your-face form of dishonesty that is most inappropriate and, simply put, diplomatically hazardous.

Especially in a region so flammable, no oil pun intended.

There is no evidence presented yet the allegations of a powerful entity, Saudia Arabia, on a lesser but ambitious nation, Qatar, by the proxy of power justifies the beef as self-evident, unfortunately. As the ‘Gulf Dilemma’ continues, in the most unresolved manner, the rift created between nations will only widen and deepen.

A solution to determining who funds terrorism may not entirely reside in investigating a nation that is hungry for power and bluntly challenges its neighbors economically, nor in a globally infamous nation so hellbent to preserve its power by rallying up the gang for a casual neighborhood beat down…or boycott. A solution to determining what are the roots of terrorism, where they begin from and what poisonous fruition comes from such roots, perhaps would be a better way to start in solving the regions ideological problems.

That is if the powers in the region truly care about going through a rabbit hole that’s more than a 1000 years old. A historical revisit, with an academic basis, that is guaranteed to disturb the culture-based notions of religion which are essentially a perpetual desecration of the religion itself. Either by the infiltration of culture & politics on religion or, of course, a specifically altered format of religion to fit the needs of culture and therefore politics. (See Omayyad/Abassad Dynasties).

Then again, if the region can’t come to the grips of summoning their own enlightenment, how in God’s name will they ever have a reformation?!

There is no sight of any nearby enlightenment in the horizon, at least to my eye’s and thought’s vision, for the Gulf or for the Middle East as a whole. Perhaps, like the late-awakening junkie, only near death self-destruction will save us.

That is with the insinuation that the region survives an overdose of moral and intellectual decadence to reflect and change from it, let alone if it possesses the cumulative-conscious capacity to conjure such a revelation.

Until that much needed awakening, do your best not to fall asleep.

Progress requires both a good portion of time and good people. That comes with the hope that we possess both. Godspeed, Middle East.


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