Kuwaiti Head of Parliament Blasts Israeli Delegates into Leaving International Meeting

St. Petersburg, Russia— Marzouq Alghanim, chief speaker and lawmaker of the Kuwait National Assembly, blasted Knesset members Nahman Shai and Sharren Haskel into leaving. Alghanim ordered the “child killers” to leave the Inter-Parliamentary Union assembly if they had an “atom of dignity”. The passionate rant erupted after Israeli delegates used their forum to speak about two alleged terrorist Palestinians and the state’s plans for their incarceration.

The assembly, comprised of 150+ representatives, applauded to the shouts of Alghanim and many protested to the Israeli delegation’s presentation by banging on their desks in order to distort the Israeli voices. To which the Israeli delegates, reported by the Times Of Israel, stated that they left the assembly hall after noticing an immense anti-Israel vibe from the attendees in their call to release Ahmed Saadat and Marwan Barghouti, the two Israeli-convicted-and-dubbed terrorists.

Ksenia Svetlova, a Zionist Union MK, said, in an interview with the Times of Israel, that she expected the assembly members to “calm things down” and not to participate in an anti-Israel based commotion. Svetlova also emphasized the presence of Israel in the “international arena”, further expressing disappointment on the international scene.

“To what the representative to this brutal occupying parliament said, is an example of the most dangerous form of terrorism: state run terrorism…and I say to him in these seconds, upon you applies the world-famous saying: if you are shameless, then do as you please,”

Alghanim said, to which the assembly applauded for. “You should grab your bags and leave this hall as you have witnessed the reaction of every honorable parliament around the world.”

The Kuwaiti head parliamentarian concluded his rant by commanding the Israeli delegate to leave the assembly hall, calling the two representatives “occupiers” and “child murderers”.

Marzouq Alghanim, middle, during the Inter-Parliamentary Union assembly on Oct. 8

Haskel, on the other hand, amidst the shouting and cheering, said that she finds it ironic that the Arab countries would condemn Israel for its efforts against terrorism. Haskel said she didn’t know whether to “laugh or cry” as she explained how Israel is the only democracy in the region while Palestine has not elected anyone in 10 years. Haskel also pointed at Iran, Syria and Pakistan as to who supports terrorism, further stating that Israel is the only state that supports equality rights in the Middle East.

Her colleague, Shai, expressed his dumbfoundedness as to why nations suffering from terrorism would be upset at the holding of two convicted Hamas members. Shai, an old advocate of a two-state solution, said he thought nations wanted to fight terrorism but the “reality is different”.

Nahman Shai, left, and Sharren Haskel, right, during the IPU assembly

Alghanim, having internationally highlighted Israel’s problematic rule, was revered in social media almost immediately. However, Abdulhameed Dashti, a former Kuwaiti member of parliament and the national assembly, called Alghanim a hypocrite on Twitter after Alghanim had tweeted his condolences to two killed Emirati pilot fighters during an air raid on Yemen.

“The defeater of the Zionists and the one who cries over dead Palestinian children pays his condolences after the killing of two pilots who were bombing Yemeni children…hypocrisy.”

Dashti tweeted on Oct. 18, during his current exile due to allegations of having Hezbollah connections.

As reported by The National, Kuwait’s UN representative, Mansour Alotaibi, urged the importance of creating a timeline to finalize a two-state solution.

Many Kuwaiti citizens have glorified Alghanim’s comments in the IPU assembly while many others deemed it as a publicity stunt or a show of muscle. Yasser Arafat, late Palestinian leader during the first Gulf War, who was given refuge in Kuwait where he founded the Fatah organization, was one of the first to align themself with and congratulate Saddam Hussein during the invasion of 1990.

The Kuwaiti people’s opinion revolves heavily around criticizing Alghanim’s defense of people who betrayed Kuwait during the war. Whereas, just as heavily, others have complimented Alghanim’s efforts against Israel’s rhetoric as a means to remind the international order of Israel’s war crimes.

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