Arsenal To Sign Trump, Bellerin Hopes Not.

Piers Morgan presented an Arsenal jersey with Trump’s name on it. After the Good Morning Britain interview with the U.S. president, Morgan tweeted this:

With Trump and 45 imprinted on the jersey, Morgan once again teased Arsenal’s long time manager Arsene Wenger. The infamous Wenger critic later tweeted an old picture of himself and Wenger, captioning it with a Socrates quote on bittersweet love. it said ” the hottest love has the coldest end.”

The outspoken Arsenal fan may rightfully be critical of Wenger’s performance as club manager. Arsenal has had a sloppy start this year with lower points than its rival Tottenham and is currently out of the top four in the English Premiere League and out of the FA Cup. However, having bested Chelsea, Arsenal will go on to face Manchester City on Feb. 25 for the Carabao Cup.

One Arsenal player was not having it though. Hector Bellerin, the Spain International, retweeted Morgan’s tweet and captioned it “hope he said no.”

Morgan, having won the U.S. Celebrity Apprentice in 2008, is a longtime friend of Trump. The exclusive interview was conducted in Davos, Switzerland, where President Trump participated in the World Economic Forum.

Morgan said Trump’s reaction will be revealed in his next Good Morning Britain segment.

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