Opinion|Black History Month Ain’t Nuttin To F***k With

All the closet racists come out of their hobbit holes this month. What? The other 11 aren’t enough?


I’ve been noticing a trend lately in social media comment sections, even opinion pieces in respected news outlets, that aim to behead the African-American spirit. These methods of derailment come from one thing and one thing only: pure filth in the heart of every racist.

Not to mention the idiotic outrage about Black Panther. You thought kneeling in a football game because trigger-happy cops go buck-wild on minorities was controversial?

Try having an entire reality, in the comic and film worlds at least, where a self-sustaining black nation in Africa has scientists, entrepreneurs and an entire organized society emitting nothing but success. Also, where the bloody king is the masked vigilante, a super intelligent scientist and probably the main reason your mother got tickets to the movie.

You will find no apologies here. Not when most of you are out of your minds cause a black man is portrayed just as, or even more powerful than a whitey. (The same people who cried themselves to sleep when Wonder Woman came out? No doubt.)

In Wakanda, or your gentrified neighborhood, hell is empty and all the racists are here. Not even lurking about. In your face with the ever so articulate rhetoric of “Why do we need a black history month? Slavery is over so racism is over, duh…no one sent you the memo?”

That memo probably originated in some white dude’s mother’s basement after his girlfriend left him for the Idris-Elba-looking adonis on the football team…sucks to suck, bro.

I am a brown, Muslim man in the United States of Amerikka.

There has been no other non-white group in the US or the West, in my not-so-humble opinion, that has fought for the rights of minorities as much as black Americans.

A most despicable history of a people whose struggles have not ended despite all the unspeakable hardships they have lived through, and continue to live through.

Black Americans started the fight, enabling all the other misrepresented and oppressed minorities in this nation, to one day live together as brothers or perish as fools. In doing so, despite the fight being no where near over, they have empowered people like me by the simple proxy of standing against what is unarguably and undeniably wrong.

It was either Nelson Mandela or Maya Angelou who said “once we are liberated from our own fears, our presence automatically liberates others.

I don’t know who said it but I know they were black and beautiful.

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