There Gone Be Some Changes ‘Round Here!|Regime Change

I have decided to reformat the message of this here blog, my blog. The Wry Ronin will no longer sporadically post random journalistic, academic and poetic works.

MADNESS MUST HAVE A METHOD…this is how people scream in the digital world, right?

Image result for best batman pictures
Here’s a random picture of my favorite superhero and super villain. Also, BatFleck is the worst…I hope that offends you.

3 things all you lovelies have to know about the Wry Ronin’s new regime:

  1. Once a week, my philosophical-memoir series A Council of Coffee & Cigarettes will have a new entry.

  2. Every Monday, a ScribeShot photo entry will be posted.

  3. Every Friday, a Journalism Post about my adventures as a journalism student. I’ll take you through the rabbit holes of the stories I cover and the Public Relations/ Journalism work I do on a regular basis.

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