A Council of Coffee & Cigarettes, Part 2

Here we are again. A moment of truth. Another reckoning of self discovery, on body and mind.

Raise your bitter cups of life, Espresso on the rocks, stirred not shaken. Kiss your smokes with the lips of death, the soldier’s cigarette, drawn not dragged.

Image result for coffee and cigarettes art
Artist: Michelle Dunaway

Welcome to the first official Yousefian Council. Sponsored by my two best friends, coffee and cigarettes.

Council 1: The Importance of Self-Punishment

When the mind plateaus, only by punishing the body into further discipline will evolve you. When the body plateaus, only by pushing the mind into further madness will evolve you. Progress demands retribution.

Funny, isn’t it? You’d think a smoker and caffeine addict would have no interest in taking care of his body or his mind. Even enjoyable toxicity must be cleansed.

In Anhedonia, all members must subscribe to the virtue ethic of a modern day samurai. Here in the Sinless City, we reforge the malleability of weaknesses into the Katanas and maces of redeemed iron. Of renewed strength.

Say, for instance, your body is weakened by negligence. You’ve been eating too much or too little and you’re favorite jeans don’t fit anymore or you’re favorite shirt now looks like a Dashiki. You’ve let yourself go because life is busy, not good or bad, just busy. With that negligence comes the decadence of the mind, your physical inability to endure and sustain itself is relegating your mind into a lower, weaker self.

Weakness is not the inability to be triumphant but the inability to simply try.

To be a citizen of Anhedonia, you mustn’t be weak. We only accept the strong here. To be strong, you must do the following:

  1. Self-evaluate: recognize and acknowledge your shortcomings. If it is physical, rely on your mind to plan and execute a search and rescue mission. 
  2. Act Soon: If you are too late, one column’s collapse can lead to another and that will have you crumble all in due time. Get a gym membership.  
  3. Never Look Back: once you’ve renewed yourself, the old self should be kept in the vault of remembrance, for referential purposes. As for its being, burn the body. There is no need to revisit an eliminated weakness because you ‘miss it’. 

The body and mind must be in tune, even if they are made of different material. Like salt and pepper, completely different yet both are the seasonings needed for your main course, for your life. And just like these beloved seasonings, you must be ground as well.

Grounden, reforged and perfected. Bruce Lee said be like water. I say, be like salt and pepper. Finely grained, like an intrusive rock taking its time to form in the belly of a volcano, only to be spat out with a marvelous shape and beautiful structure.

Like the inhabitants of Anhedonia, like my thoughts. Finely grained, unhurried. Ready when they need to be. A trait donned by the elite League of Anhedonia, who are the Councilmen, who are my principles.

The Council continues next week.

Until then, I leave you with a quote to contemplate on:

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” —Sydney Harris

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