So I’m Covering #Skinheads Now…

How goes it my beloved subjects, I mean readers…

If you had a shred of humanity left, out of pure pity, you would’ve read my recent update report about the Wry Ronin’s new direction: a behind-the-scenes approach to my life as an aspiring journalist!

How…exciting. For me, at least. Sigh.

Image result for best batman pictures
Random image of my favorite comic book character. God! I love Batman so much.

In any case, I wanted to give you guys a glimpse of my latest news feature project. It’s about social media usage, white supremacists and how the internet age is slowly dissipating the ‘allegiance’ these people have to their causes.

It all boils down to their use of anonymity. You can’t really “fight the good fight” when you don’t have the balls to fucking own up to your ideologies, can you?

It’s simple really: more social media use means more anonymity for these folks, and more anonymity means less accountability. Less accountability, thankfully and ironically in this case, means white nationalist groups experience less brand loyalty.

And that, oh beloved royal court of the Yousefian empire, means less organization in hate groups. Good fucking riddance, eh?

Image result for soldiers of odin
Colonizers weren’t welcome, either. Ye eejits.

I’ve been trying to contact different branches of the Soldiers of Odin, an anti-immigration white supremacist group that thinks Islam is taking over everything and anything it touches. Ummmm, you don’t see any irony in that, Mr. Colonizer?

I’ve also had the privilege and honor of talking to Shannon Martinez, the U.S. regional coordinator of the Against Violent Extremism Network. She is an absolute angel and a former neo-Nazi. Her story of redemption and reform will hopefully serve as a juxtaposing addition to this report. It’ll show how anti-hate groups use social media in a much more effective and organized fashion.

It is not easy at all though. One Soldiers of Odin member, who claims to be the Dixie region director, has been rescheduling like mad crazy. With pathetic excuses that we used to escape detention in high school: “I’m sorry, I had a family emergency, can we talk on Thursday?”

Mother. Fucker. It’s been 2 weeks now, you’re out of this report, whitey. Psht, good luck with any publicity, ye racist pig.

Also using my name and profile picture wasn’t a wise idea on my behalf….I’m brown, if you haven’t realized yet, dearest subject. Like, mocha latte brown. But I prefer cafe con leche brown, way sexier.

That’s pretty much it for now, you blog readers wouldn’t stand a chance reading over 500 words, would you? Lowest attention span humanity has ever seen. Fucking social media, what a bittersweet dimension it is, right?

If you have anything to say, please comment? I rarely hear anything from my readers.

K, bye.

P.S. not all skinheads are bad, I love punk music. Remember kids, if you think religion ruins things, you haven’t paid attention to what politics has done. Ok, time for me to go listen to the Exploited.


  1. People don’t leave comments? Offer coffee, Yousef, virtual or otherwise and the fancier the better.

    I hope you’re right about neo-Nazis (or white nationalists, as they seem to prefer) and anonymity, but what I’ve been reading about them in Italy makes a far more depressing picture.

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    • Hello, Ellen! Good to hear from you. Unfortunately my student income only allows me to buy coffee for myself haha. I’ve been covering this story for a few weeks now, talking to former neo Nazis and certain people from active anti-everything groups. They seem to be very intimidating with the facade of being well organized but the more I talk to them or the reformed white nationalists, they all point to one thing: social media is barely working for them. In the US for instance, the Southern Poverty Law Center claims that over 900 groups are active with a 20% + increase in 2017 but then again, numbers tell us one thing and their actions tell us another. Still too early for any conclusivity I think, might keep this for my future doctoral dissertation if all works well😢


      • What particularly scares me about what’s happening in Italy and Greece is that they’re organizing community-level social services–the sort of thing that involves people who aren’t way out on the fringe and makes the groups look like they care about people. I’m saying that on the basis of having read an article or two–I’m anything but an expert–but the trends scare the hell out of me. I’ll look forward to hearing about your dissertation.

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      • It certainly is alarming this monstrous trend of far right populism striking at the hearts of several nations, especially in Europe. Frankly, as little knowledge I have about the subject, when it comes to politics things are usually more threatening to society. I talked to a reformed neo Nazi who spent the last 8 years with thr Aryan brotherhood and he said in their movement on a basic level it’s disorganized and pathetic but for the last 30 or 40 years, he claims those who stand out get into positions of power especially in politics and business. That is extremely frightening if true at all. Italy and France are having this far right conundrum as we speak and it would have the entire international order fall into a state of diplomatic decadence I think if they, God forbid, are successful.

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