More #Skinhead Trouble, A Conference In Vegas & Writer’s Block

Hey, gang!

God…hey, gang? I grow whiter by the day, I swear…

In any case, here’s a quick update on my journalism.

First of all, I have never, ever, ever, met or heard of a person who’s less punctual than a white nationalist. This dude’s been sidetracking me for weeks now and it feels like decades! Word to the wise, to those of you who want to be journalists or investigative writers, choose your sources wisely.

Then again, if you’re looking for sources to use in any story, make sure you contact at least 10 to 12 people. Chances are only 3 or 4 out of 12 are going to reply, let alone agree to an interview.

I’ve been mentally preparing to talk to a white nationalist for quite some time and all these hypothetical conversations I’ve had with myself for the sake of this report is now mostly going to waste. I’ve researched his hate group, their rhetoric and activities, and even shamelessly stalked him on Facebook…

The point is, don’t be an idiot and pick an overly ambitious topic like I did. It’s a great topic which if all works well, will hopefully get published somewhere when I’m done with it, but if I had to redo things, definitely choose something a bit more accessible.

On the other hand, I have an interview with another former neo-Nazi today and the first one was super easy and the lady I talked to was super nice and articulate. This guy however, barely types back a complete sentence in our emailed back and forth. Oh well…journalist, right? Society’s most overlooked and most unsung hero…or bitch…depends on the situation, right?

Image result for terron moore
Terron Moore, dude’s got impressive biceps and an even more impressive resume. 

On the other hand, for my Social Media and Storytelling class, I get to work with Terron Moore next Monday. This dude’s apparently a social media genius who reworked Teen Vogue’s image from a girly fashion magazine to a politics driven powerhouse. Hopefully he helps me out with my PR project where I’ll be working with this kick ass local band, The Jive Tribe.

In April, I’ll be in Las Vegas for the National Broadcasting Association conference. I have no idea where that’ll take me as a writer but fingers crossed anyway.

As for my other projects, I’ll be in D.C. for the gun reform student march. Hopefully the journalism department here lets me borrow a camera, otherwise I’ll be using my crappy Samsung phone. Still better than Apple, though.

Stay tuned, folks. The Wry Ronin’s got this!

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