What’s Your Favorite Word?

In English: vivacity or abomination. The former just sounds silly to me, it makes me giggle. Lively even, if that isn’t ironic. The latter, well, for the sake of brevity, makes me think more. Abomination is one of those trigger words that lights my mind up with inquisitive flares, provocative beacons.

In Arabic: اسمى. The phonetic transliteration is [asma]. It means higher, or elevated. As an a higher value or elevated version of an idea if the adjective format is used. I love it. It buries the cynic within and ignites the idealist in me, a part I often neglect or dismiss much to my disservice.

Let me tell you about the words I hate, the words I absolutely loathe:

Compromise. Arbitrate. Bureaucracy.

Being a writer and amateur journalist, for now, the ideas or ideals behind this unholy trinity repels me. I’d go as far as confidently saying the three have repeatedly crucified my soul.

Compromise. It is necessary, it is the quintessential tool for any successful endeavor but do it too much and you’re nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Arbitrate. Any writer and journalist, any artistic spirit at that, knows this word’s horrific standing at the mere utterance of it. Editors, authority figures, even you and I all arbitrate to our liking. The problem is: without compromise, arbitration is relegated from the supposedly functional bridge towards productivity and order that it claims to be, to the despicably thorny path to damnation. The damnation of he who is arbitrated on of course.

Bureaucracy. God! Fuck me, do I quiver at the thought of this demonic idea. Bureaucracy, even the way it’s spelled is complete garbage, is the absence of comprise and the supreme reign of arbitration.

For more information on this God damned word, see U.S. credit system or your local barber.

The Council has spoken. Time for another shot of espresso and another stick of doom.


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