My name is Yousef H. Alshammari.


Aug 2017

I am a journalism student (bachelors) in the University of Colorado at Boulder. This blog is aimed to practice journalism and showcase my personal writing projects.

I am a writer before I am an aspiring journalist, a human before I am a writer, and a servant of God before I am a human.

Short Bio:

I was born and raised in Kuwait. In my beloved desert metropolis I had the privilege of going to private schools. A British school at first then an American International Baccalaureate school from the 7th grade till graduation.

I come from a small household of 4; parents and a younger brother. My family, on the other hand, is massive. My brother, Ali, and I are very close; we have our own coded language so, yeah. Be jelly.

My parents are two of God’s greatest gifts. My father is a retired Brigadier, that’s one rank away from General in the Kuwaiti system at least. My mother still works, she is a superintendent in the education system. Fun fact: my mom was my preschool teacher…I forgot the fun part of this.

I am full blooded Bedouin-Arab from my father’s side and full blooded Persian-Arab from my mother’s. Another fun fact: my mother’s side are Persian-Arabs but have been on Arabic soil for the past 3 generations, at least a century more than my father’s side. A bit ironic, no?

Growing up I was torn between two worlds. I am the product of both West and East. Having a secular upbringing in the schools I went to and a traditional Middle Eastern one in the household, creates a bittersweet combination as you’d imagine. This could also induce a polyglottic form of identity disorders…jussayin’.

Speaking two languages is nothing special—try thinking in two simultaneously. It’s a never ending circus with a lot of incoherent madness, which is why how I initially picked up writing.

I spent my coming-to-age years reading, writing and weightlifting. The three kings of my passion still reign supreme. I think of myself as a detective at heart but, often, I find myself to be an enraged poet.

I moved to Boulder, Colorado, USA on December 15th 2012. I’m still here pursuing my bachelors degree after 5 major changes. Journalism is the final train to a destination Degree, fingers crossed.